Q:Do  your vehicles plug into the grid to recharge?

A: No, there is no need for them to plug in for recharge. All our vehicles produce their own electricity using various on-board technologies. Depending on the vehicle usage, it is highly likely the vehicle will produce more electricity than it will consume during an average day.

Q: How far will your vehicles go on a single charge?

A: Our vehicles do not store all their power in batteries. Instead, by making electricity, the need to carry heavy and expensive batteries on the vehicles is negated. Some of our vehicles can produce thousands of kWhs per day. The result is that the vehicles have ranges farther than they can physically be driven.

Q: What are the maintenance costs?

A: On the average, maintenance costs run about 70% lower than those of carbon-fueled vehicles.

Q: If Zonda USA, LLC is the parent company of North American General Bus Corporation; does either company have any relation to Zonda Bus in China or Pagani Zonda of Italy?

A: No. However, while Zonda USA is the Agent for Service of Process for the Zonda Industrial Group with the U.S. Department of Transportation under 49 C.F.R. Part 551 Subpart D; The Zonda Industrial Group holds no equity or financial interest in either Zonda USA nor the North American General Bus Corporation; and vice versa.

Q: Is it possible to invest in the North American General Bus Corporation?

A: While we have shareholders and investors; we are not actively seeking any equity investment at this time.