Our All-Electric Vehicles and Products

We have a full model line-up of all-electric buses, from 6 meters to 18 meters; for urban rapid transit, rural coach, shuttle bus duty, sleeper buses, double deck buses, or any other use a fleet operator needs.

We can also supply other all-electric vehicles on request.

In addition, North American General Bus has a Fleet Fuel System that manufacture hydrogen for its vehicles, with the side benefit that it also produces copious amounts of ethanol and steam (for generating electricity) that can be sold on the open market that actually turns a Fleet Operator's fuel line from an expense center to an income producing center; all while the bus fleet consumes no energy costs at all.

North American General Bus also has  considerable expertise in transportation management operations and can manage transportation systems for a fleet, a city, a province, and even a nation at considerable savings.

Finally, North American General Bus has the ability to provide advanced military transportation systems to select nations - providing combat multipliers at prices that are way under historic procurement levels - while providing military personnel with exceptional protection, survivability, and high probability of mission success. North American General Bus does not provide weaponry with its transportation solutions, and works only with nations friendly to Western, NATO, and anti-terrorist values and missions.